Voice & Data

Providing bespoke solutions to suit both your business’ needs, as well as your budget.

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Our Voice Over IP solutions deliver cost savings that you want without impacting the quality of your calls.

You can choose from moving your business over to a hosted PBX system, migrate your current lines to VOIP, or request new PBX equipment.

There are many benefits to a VOIP telephone system. A traditional landline system means that when you transfer services or move, you often need a new phone number. With a VOIP phone system, there are no physical limitations, and you can take your phone number with you.

Another great feature of VOIP is that it provides voicemail to text transcripts, from co-workers or clients, sent directly to your email Inbox. You can also forward a voicemail to three other people on your team, further making VOIP a very attractive option.

Network & Internet

We offer a host of Internet connectivity packages from all major ISP’s – Business Fibre, FTTH, Fixed LTE and mobile data.

Congruently, we specialize in proactive network administration and monitoring, ensuring that your systems run as efficiently as possible. Not only do our remote management systems monitor the configuration and health of your servers, but we also optimise their performance to keep your business running smoothly.